The OCASL Foundation is committed to increasing the participation of children and adults of Orange, Durham, and Chatham Counties in organized sports. We believe involvement in organized sports supports good health, team work and fosters a sense of community among participants and their families. Working with other community organizations, the OCASL Foundation will identify potential participants and provide financial and other assistance to facilitate their participation. The OCASL Foundation will use its funds with the goal of covering the registration fees for as many eligible participants as feasible.


OCASL Foundation was officially formed on January 1, 2017. The local adult soccer league (OCASL) administrators noted that there were many adult players who would love to play, but could not afford the registration fee. OCASL chose to support those players, registering them for free. Many players in OCASL chose to donate to support this effort. Unfortunately, while OCASL is a non-profit organization, it is not a charity. Since the need was great, the obvious solution was to form a charitable organization to promote the healthy benefits of recreational sports.

The OCASL Foundation board met for the first time in February, 2017 and immediately set to work developing a guiding mission statement. Further, the board set about deciding how to find those people in most need, those who would benefit from help, and how much and when that help could be delivered.

In April 2017, a generous donation was made to the foundation from the OCASL/CHAC community. CHAC was a soccer organization founded in the early 2000s that was subsequently associated with OCASL. This donation helped OCASL Foundation get the ball rolling quickly.

Where will the foundation go from here? That is still to be decided. We hope to help children and adults from our local community play sports, to promote healthy recreation, to provide the means for people to play, who might not otherwise be able. You can support this goal by generously donating to the OCASL Foundation today.